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Supervision provides regular space and time to reflect on and develop your professional practice for your own well-being and the benefit of others.


Mentoring offers a holistic and intentional strategy designed to guide you in meeting your personal and professional growth objectives. 

Both mentoring and supervision enable you to gain and maintain perspective, to grow and flourish in serving others and to act safely and ethically.


Fees are charged on a sliding scale based on capacity to pay and the size and complexity of your organisation. These will be discussed as part of your initial free call to assess your needs and propose a way forward. Discounted packages are also available.

To reflect regularly and intentionally is foundational to maintaining perspective, functioning effectively and practicing ethically.

Wanting to develop professionally, serve faithfully and act ethically?

Supervision provides regular space and time to reflect on and develop your professional practice for your own well-being and the benefit of others.


Supervision is a joint endeavour in which a practitioner, with the help of a supervisor, attends to their clients, themselves as part of their client–practitioner relationships and the wider systemic and ecological contexts, and by so doing improves the quality of their work, transforms their client relationships, continuously develops themselves, their practice and the wider profession.

(McMahon & Hawkins, 2020)

Firstly, supervision offers you support. Professional and pastoral engagement with individuals and systems can be demanding and depleting.

Through relational connection I can provide a confidential space in which to “walk” with you on your professional or pastoral journey and also give you opportunity to reflect on and examine what you are doing.

Secondly, supervision encourages you in your professional growth and development. I can share my experience and wisdom offering you guidance and perspective on how to approach or respond to specific situations and assisting you in developing your skills.

Thirdly, supervision provides a framework for safe and ethical professional practice. More than compliance I can help you to be self aware and cultivate healthy practices and systems.

External wisdom and encouragement are essential to balance and progress in leadership.

Looking for encouragement and challenge to reach your leadership potential?

At each stage of life and leadership there are a variety of challenges.

Emerging leaders face the opportunities of career advancement along with the challenges of increasing financial and personal responsibilities.

Senior leaders carry the additional load of managing change and unifying teams around a shared purpose. Balancing these demands along with our personal and professional world’s can be complex and stressful.

I can help you grow personally and professionally through the challenges and opportunities that each stage of leadership brings. 

My style is both encouraging and provocative. My goal is to help you confidently know who you are and where you are going.

Leading an organisation or building a team requires courage, clarity and unity.

Wanting to strengthen your team or organisation and its effectiveness?

I can help you to love the journey and last the distance through a strengths based consultation process. This process focuses on curiosity, reflection and collaborative learning. It will help you to:

  • Assess and evaluate your needs and aspirations.
  • Develop a unified, trust based, outcomes oriented team.
  • Improve communication and co-operation.
  • Manage change and growth.
  • Transform conflict into constructive feedback.

My focus areas include leadership resilience, Christian education, organisational culture and change management, and conflict transformation.


Leadership is about empowering others so that we are able to celebrate their success as if it were our own.

Seeking to equip, encourage and motivate your team and stake holders?

I have more than more than 30 years experience in motivational speaking and education and training.

I offer a range of training and speaking options which can be tailored to meet your needs.

These are developed following discussion with you and your key leaders.

Areas of expertise include spiritual direction, Christian education, faith and culture, change management, group dynamics, communication audits, conflict transformation and leadership resilience.

I’m here to help  you reflect regularly and intentionally on your life and leadership, so that you develop in your personhood and flourish in your chosen calling.

I can help you to understand what “makes you tick” and where you are stuck. 

Together, we can clarify your goals and values, focus on the things that energise you, build on your strengths, and identify areas for personal and team growth.

I believe that effective leadership begins with a commitment to personal transformation. Being open to growth and change is essential to leadership longevity and fulfilment.

I’m committed to a trauma informed, strengths-based, action-reflection model that helps you to understand yourself, and others and to grow in your role.