I am passionate about developing resilient leaders. This kind of leadership is not about denying difficulties but rather facing them honestly. It is defined by hope rather than circumstances. 

I do this through an action-reflection model which equips and empowers leaders to endure and grow through the hard times.  Suffering and difficulty challenge all of us both personally and professionally. But we can develop perseverance and character through the hard times by a combination of internal strength and communal support. 

I help leaders to know and live out of their God given identity. Living from “the inside out” means that our focus is on who we are before looking at what we do. As this awareness increases and is embedded in your life it empowers you to offer focussed and purposeful leadership which unites and inspires others.


Leading an organisation or building a team requires courage, clarity and unity.

Wanting to strengthen your organisation and its effectiveness?

I can help you to love the journey and last the distance through a strengths based consultation process. This process focuses on curiosity, reflection and collaborative learning. It will help you to:

  • Assess and evaluate your needs and aspirations.
  • Develop a unified, trust based, outcomes oriented team.
  • Improve communication and co-operation.
  • Manage change and growth.
  • Transform conflict into constructive feedback.


External wisdom and encouragement are essential to balance and progress in leadership.

Looking for encouragement and challenge to reach your leadership potential?

At each stage of life and leadership there are a variety of challenges.

Emerging leaders face the opportunities of career advancement along with the challenges of increasing financial and personal responsibilities.

Senior leaders carry the additional load of managing change and unifying teams around a shared purpose.  Balancing these demands along with our personal and professional world’s can be complex and stressful.

I can help you grow personally and professionally through the challenges and opportunities that each stage of leadership brings. 

My style is both encouraging and provocative. My goal is to help you confidently know who you are and where you are going.


Leadership is about empowering others so that we are able to celebrate their success as if it were our own.

Seeking to equip, encourage and motivate your team and stake holders?

I have more than more than 30 years experience in motivational speaking and education and training.

I offer a range of training and speaking options which can be tailored to meet your needs.

These are developed following discussion with you and your key leaders.

Areas of expertise include spiritual direction, Christian education, faith and culture, change management, group dynamics, communication audits, conflict transformation and leadership resilience.