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Currently, I am the senior leader of a Christian community, which is committed to transforming lives and helping people to flourish in every aspect of their lives. I’m also a speaker, author, mentor and trainer.

I blog regularly on life and leadership. I’ve contributed to four books in the area of Christian education and faith development, and written curriculum resources for use in secondary and tertiary institutions.

I have formal qualifications in accounting and information systems, theology, communication and cultural studies, and educational studies. I’ve had more than thirty years experience supporting people, whose lives have been challenged by stress, burnout, and relationship breakdown as well as career disillusionment.

I’ve also worked with people negotiating workplace promotion, career change and outstanding business success. I am the founder of Inspiring Creative Leadership, which is committed to developing current and emerging leaders.

My passion is to develop leaders who are inspired and inspiring, creative, reflective and pursuing wholeness in every aspect of their lives. Leaders like this can capture the hearts and imaginations of others in ways that are transformational.

My wife, Salli-Ann and I enjoy spending time with family, conversations with old friends and new acquaintances, good coffee, dark chocolate, delicious food, and action and adventure movies. I also enjoy “painting with a camera”, capturing life through its lens and sharing its beauty with others.

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