Hi, I’m Peter Wilson. I’m a leadership mentor and consultant. I believe that effective leadership begins with a commitment to personal transformation. Being open to grow and change is essential to leadership longevity. I’m here to help you love the journey and last the distance.

My focus areas include leadership resilience, Christian education, organisational culture and change management, and conflict transformation .

Many leaders, struggle to integrate and balance the competing demands of personal and professional life, as career opportunities and family responsibilities grow.

Increasing levels of leadership responsibility bring with them the additional challenges of building teams and managing change and conflict.

As a leadership mentor I’m committed to a strengths-based, action-reflection model. I can help you to understand what “makes you tick”, build on your strengths, focus on the things, which energise you and identify areas for growth.

Where do you need help to flourish not just survive in life and in leadership?

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