My passion is to help you love the journey and last the distance. To flourish personally and grow professionally is not a solo endeavour. We need the support and feedback of trusted “truth tellers”.

My character and capacity have been tested through major personal loss, as well as organisational dysfunction, conflict, tragedy and rapid social change. 

Through it all I have been enriched and sustained by mentors and pastoral supervisors who have walked with me. Their wisdom has helped me navigate the challenges and develop resilience.

They have also reminded me of why I began the journey, and encouraged me to keep going when I felt like giving up.

It’s my privilege now to offer the same support to you.


My work experience includes leadership in the non-profit sector, educational leadership, teaching and chaplaincy across various sectors, and commercial accounting.

I have formal academic qualifications in professional supervision, educational studies, pastoral care, theology, communication and cultural studies, and accounting and information systems. 

As an author, I’ve contributed to four books in the area of Christian education and faith development, and written curriculum resources for use in secondary and tertiary institutions.

I’ve had more than thirty years experience leading teams and supporting individuals in their life and leadership.


My wife, Salli-Ann and I run a Christian retreat ministry from our home in rural south western Sydney. 

We enjoy spending time with family, conversations with friends, good coffee, dark chocolate, delicious food, and action and adventure movies. 

I also enjoy capturing life through my camera lens and sharing moments and memories  with others. I run to stay fit and destress, and also enjoy bushwalking.

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